SAY Advisory Committee


What Is It?

The SAY Committee will be a selected group that will help Take2Minutes by reviewing content and offering feedback to ensure what we say is well worded to be effective for our subscribers. Members of the SAY Committee play an important role with Take2Minutes in making sure that all content we create is effective.

We are looking to ideally have 12-20 individuals as part of the SAY Committee. Great candidates would include students of psychology, sociology, or marketing; as well as recent graduates with similar degrees. However, these are not requirements.

How Much Effort is Required by Me?

We plan to periodically send out requests for review (RFR) to the entire SAY Committee. Because the size of the SAY Committee is targeted at 12-20 individuals, during any RFR we are looking to achieve a 50% response rate; meaning, we understand if not everyone responds to every request. Each RFR should take no more than 2-10 minutes of your time. Ultimately, your time should not be more than a couple of hours per month; and your feedback and opinions will be greatly valued.

Also as part of the SAY Committee, we ask you to be active in sending us any ideas, suggestions, or even problems you come across while using our services or website.

What Do I Get?

Take2Minutes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on providing the same short, evidence-based positive psychology exercises that have been proven to be effective in research studies. Your input helps ensure our communications (what we SAY) is uber-targeted to our audience- people just like you! Also, you will be able to add your involvement to your resume. At some point, we may look to add funding to reward the participants of the SAY committee for their time in helping.

Lastly, we would like to add your name to the SAY Committee section on the Meet the Team page of the Take2Minutes website. Good exposure for you!

How Do I sign Up?

Easy, just send an email to Marc at and we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can reach out via a text message to (717) 674-2740.