Our Story

How It Began

Marc S Fussell The founder of Take 2 Minutes, Marc S Fussell (), is an entrepreneurial-technologist with over 25 years of experience. Beginning in 2014/2015, each morning while dropping his son off at school, Marc told his son, "Love love love love love; it is all about love" and shared a positive thought with his son. A few years later, Marc took the first steps for what is now Take 2 Minutes when he wrote an application to send positive messages each day to a handful of recipients. That eventually became the first version of Take 2 Minutes.

Learning About Positive Psychology

The Science Behind Take 2 Minutes Marc began to look for ways to expand his application and help more people. In 2018, Marc was introduced to research in the field of positive psychology. New to Marc, the field of positive psychology has become a serious and well-respected area of study over the past 40 years, with significant data validating many of the solutions that have been created. This opened up a world of ideas around positive education tools. Tools that focus not only on overcoming stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts but also on building life skills, including grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset, engagement, and mindfulness.

Where We Are Now

Putting it All Together Our brains focus on the negative to keep us safe in a hostile world. However, we can change this behavior. You can teach your brain to focus on positive things. Through the research of many people we can understand that the amount of effort given to this process does not proportionately relate to the result received. Because of this, we are simply encouraging you to take 2 minutes a day for yourself. From this minimal amount of time, you can yield big results through consistency. The tools developed at Take 2 Minutes have been created and designed to help you do this.