What is a Hapy List?

A Take 2 Minutes user. The Take 2 Minutes "Happy List" is much like a Happiness Jar. The goal is to document moments that bring you happiness. Happiness can help you recognize joy, contentment, or positive well-being and help you realize your life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.

The Exercise

Anytime you have a thought about something that makes you happy, simply login or request a "MHL link" via text and we will keep track of your list.

Each entry should be a complete thought, typically a sentence or two.
Consider adding a date to each entry to help you remember the time in which it happened.
Just writing this down will increase your happiness. By writing down or documenting the happiest moment of our days, we are training our brains to scan our environment for the positive.
Then, when you need to reflect on a moment of happiness, you simply send a request back to Take 2 Minutes, and we will respond with a message from your list - just like pulling an entry out of your happiness jar.
Your entries are just like an online, digital form of a memory jar or happiness jar.


Simply writing down full thoughts about things that make you happy will help you look for and remember the good things in life. We can even text you back a happy memory when needed once you have populated your list.