The Exercise

A Take 2 Minutes user. Our online dream journal can be requested from a simple text message "send dreamjo link", or if you are a full-service subscriber, you can setup delivery times for your online dream journal link each morning prior to your average time that you wake up.

Use the dream journal form to record everything you can remember about your dream. Explain in as much detail as you have time; however, there is no need to dwell, enter what you can remember.

HINT: You want to begin your dream journal entry immediately upon waking.


Documenting your Dreams in a Dream Journal can help you process your emotions, fuel your creativity, help you learn to overcome anxiety, and over time your subconscious can even try to communicate through your dreams.

We Make It Simple

If you wake at slightly different times each day, you can set up your link to be sent at a time an hour before your usual wake up time. That way, the message is there and waiting for you.

Alternatively: immediately upon waking, text to us "send dreamjo link" and we will get a link sent to you in seconds.

Want More Information about the Benefits of Dream Journaling?

Check out our full page on dream journaling to learn more.