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How Does This Work?

You choose your delivery schedule. It can be daily, weekdays, weekends, every other day, or whatever you want, and you also pick the time, we will then send you an informational or otherwise positive message at the times and days you have chosen.
Along with your positive message we also deliver to you:

  • a link to view the positive message as an image (so you can share on social media if you like the message).
  • a link to our daily guided meditation.
  • a link to your emotion check-in that allows you to track how you feel each day.

What Do I Do?

Simply signup for our services and by default you are setup to begin receiving our Social Positivity messages. Having a bad day? Text us a "now" request and we will quickly get a positive message sent right out to you.

  • You can vote on the messages you like by responding or using tapbacks.
  • You can also send a text requesting an instant guided meditation.
  • Our positive messages are already being received by 1000's of young adults; join the list.