The Exercise

A Take 2 Minutes user. Once you are a member, and when you are ready to start your gratitude challenge, you send us a text stating : start my gratitude challenge. From there, each day, in place of your normal Soc+ message, we send you a gratitude prompt. You should take a moment to think about the message that we send to you and reply back with a gratitude statement about the message you received.

PRO TIP: You can specify for how long you want to take the gratitude challenge, for example : start a 7 day gratitude challenge.


Writing down things for which you are grateful at least twice a week has been shown to reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve self-esteem.

Using Take 2 Minutes and our Gratitude Challenge, you can make a gratitude statement for up to 14 days in a row! You simply respond to the gratitude prompts we send to start your own Gratitude Journal.

We Make It Simple

The entire Gratitude Challenge is done via Text Messaging! You get a text with a challenge question and you simply respond with your gratitude statement. We will place the entire message into your gratitude journal. How Simple is that?

Here is a Sample

Sample Prompt

Consider MUSIC, or even sounds and vibrations, and tell us about why you are grateful for MUSIC.
Possible Response

I am grateful for music because music can effectively change my mood. Certain songs can make me happy or make me sad. I listen to music almost every day and always enjoy the artists work.