16 Unexpected Ways Dream Journaling Can Change Your Life

16 Unexpected Ways Dream Journaling Can Change Your Life Image Have you ever considered learning how to dream journal? Perhaps you rarely remember your dreams and want to know what goes on in your mind after you close your eyes. On the other hand, maybe you're searching for meaning in the vivid dreams you experience.

No matter your reason for dream journaling, practicing it can make some dramatic impacts on your life - for the better. Here are 20 unexpected ways dream journaling can impact your life when you're awake:

#1: Build Stronger Relationships

Want to build stronger relationships with the people in your life? Dream journaling can help you accomplish your goals. By becoming more in touch with your subconscious mind, you can leave behind toxic patterns and treat those around you better. This means more meaningful and profound relationships for you.

#2: Become More Self-Aware

Dream journaling can help you uncover things about yourself that you never knew before. For example, recurring dreams can indicate unresolved emotions. This can be true even if you don't realize you have strong emotions surrounding an event that happened in your life.

Through dream journaling, you can become aware of these situations and, therefore, more aware of yourself and how you process emotions.

#3: Make Better Decisions

Have you ever been stuck in a situation and felt unsure of how to handle it? Did you know that your intuition can tell you exactly what decision to make? It's true. And a great way to tap into your intuition is by paying attention to your dreams.

If you're struggling with a hard decision, it might show up in your dreams. Through dream journaling, you can uncover what emotions you have about the situation. Then, you can take active steps toward solving your problems, leading to a more fulfilling life for you.

#4: Forgive and Forget

When someone wrongs you, it can be especially hard to let go of hard feelings and move on. However, when you hold a grudge, it poisons your life. Harboring negative emotions toward other people can cause you to be pessimistic, depressed, and down.

Dream journaling can help you process negative emotions towards others, which ultimately helps you to overcome them. When you choose to forgive others and walk in love, you gain freedom. It's one of the many keys to happiness!

#5: Realize Your Calling

You might be surprised to learn that dream journaling can help you uncover your passions. This is because when you dream, your brain's defenses are down, which helps you see things more clearly—dream journaling documents what happens in your dreams, which makes it easier for you to identify trends.

If you're not sure what your purpose in life is, look to your dreams. Chances are, you already know what's meant for you subconsciously. Learning how to dream journal means you're taking steps towards tapping into what your subconscious has to say. It can also help you increase gratitude!

#6: Fearlessly Chase Your Dreams

Making big life changes can be a scary thing. When money and security are two of the most important aspects of life, chasing your dreams can be downright terrifying. However, believing in your dreams can give you the courage you need to chase after what you truly want.

Perhaps you're passionate about photography, but you doubt your talent. On the other hand, maybe you've become so complacent in your current career that going after what makes you happy seems like too much work. Dream journaling can help you decipher what dreams are worth chasing and what you're truly passionate about.

#7: Improve Your Focus

Dream journaling requires extreme amounts of focus. Since your recollection of your dreams starts fading away within minutes of waking, it's important to maintain laser focus while recording what you remember.

The great part about this is that practicing focus doesn't just help you dream journal. Practicing focus while dream journaling will help you improve focus in other areas of your life, too.

#8: Document Your Legacy

While dream journaling is primarily for you to connect with your inner self more, it can also be a valuable keepsake to leave behind. After your life is over, your loved ones can read your dream journal any time they want to feel close to you.

Dream journaling can also reveal a new side of you that your loved ones have never seen before. Think of your dream journal as a special legacy that can tell your story in a new way.

#9: Become More Motivated

Dream journaling requires a high level of dedication and motivation. Dream journaling requires consistency and dedication since successful dream journals are used every day. This means that even when you're not feeling up to it, you'll need to push yourself to dream journal daily.

Motivation isn't always something that comes naturally. Sometimes, you must push yourself to do things that are best for you. Dream journaling can help you practice this skill, which is necessary for a happy and healthy life.

#10: Learn to Foster Good Habits

Morning routines are one of the most prominent habits in adult life. Did you know that what you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day? Fostering good habits like dream journaling can transform your day and therefore your life.

If you're stuck in a loop of dragging your feet and scrolling social media in the mornings, it's time for a change. Dream journaling only takes a few minutes and is a fun way to mix things up and take charge of your morning.

#11: Realize the Important Things in Life

There's no doubt that it's easy to get caught up in the little things in life. Even though you probably know struggles are a part of life, they can still feel all-consuming. However, it's important to remember that even when we're struggling, good things are happening in life too.

Dream journaling can open your eyes to the important things in life. It can help you become more optimistic and flexible when things go wrong. This is because when you take time to fill your cup, you'll feel more resilient when it feels empty.

#12: Discover Self-Love

Dream journaling can help you realize new things about yourself and just how much you have to offer. When you take the time to understand yourself and accept yourself for who you are, a new level of self-love emerges. Learning how to dream journal can help you unlock these new things you never knew about yourself.

#13: Attract Your Dream Life

Did you know you can use your dreams to manifest your perfect life? With the right intention, you can make your dream life a reality. Dream journaling helps you document what you're manifestation goals are and how close you are to achieving them. All you must do is believe!

#14: Get in Touch with Your Spiritual Side

Dreams are a spiritual experience. When you sleep, the mental blocks that exist in your mind come down, and you're able to spiritually raise your vibration. This is why you might be able to communicate with lost loved ones or talk to spiritual beings while you dream.

Dream journaling gives you the tools you need to recognize spiritual messages that come to you in dreams. Since your spirit guides want to help you walk your destined path, these messages can change your life forever.

#15: Walk Your Destined Path

Have you ever wondered what your purpose was in life? If there was a small thing you could do every day to help discover it, would you do it? Dream journaling is a great example of a small effort that can make a big difference in your life. Listening to your dreams can tell you much about yourself, your choices, and what you're meant to do.

#16: Express Your Emotions Better

When you're in touch with your subconscious, you gain a deep understanding of not only yourself but also your emotions. For example, maybe something a friend said about you didn't phase you at the moment but recurs in your dreams. The emotions you feel in your dreams can help you better decipher what your true emotions are about those words.

Armed with this knowledge, you can better express your emotions when you're awake. Additionally, since controlling and expressing emotions plays a huge role in mental health, you can count on a wholly better life.

Final Thoughts

If you want to change your life for the better, dream journaling is a small thing that can make a huge impact. Imagine a world where you confidently make decisions, practice self-love and self-care daily, all while fostering good habits and documenting your legacy. Learning how to dream journal gives you the power to live your best life.

The best part is that dream journaling is easier than ever today. With Take 2 Minutes, you can quickly text a simple phrase each morning to instantly receive your journal template for the day. Are you ready to take the first step to change your life? Get started today!

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