Letting Go of the Old You

Letting Go of the Old You Image Have you been struggling to embody the life that you have been dreaming of? Have you been working tirelessly on building new habits and beliefs, but can’t seem to break entirely free of the old ones?

Despite your tireless efforts to let go of your old self, that no longer serves you, you may still be clinging to them for dear life.

This act of holding onto the past is often not even realized because the fear of the unknown lives deep in the subconscious mind. This fear of the unknown lives in all of us because the unknown has the potential to hold new dangers. But, it also has the potential to hold something amazing!

Life Means Change

Life is always changing, and so are we. Every day in fact! Every time that you learn something new or have a new experience, your perception of the world changes.

You may dream of whom you want to be. But, when it comes down to making those changes you struggle to let go of the old you. That’s understandable. The person that you are now and have been in the past is someone who took care of you and kept you safe. Stepping into the unknown is scary, but it holds so many incredible things!

Many of the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world are formed when we are just a child. As we get older, it is harder to change those beliefs. Hard, but not impossible!

It is time to build the new you. The new you lives free of anxiety and depression. The new you wakes up excited every morning because you know that you are living your life’s purpose. The new you finds joy in the beauty of the world and the people around you.

I have for you a system to help you imagine the new you, and let go of the old. Do this for 30 days to…

Exercise 1– Imagining the new

First up, grab a pen and paper. Ideally, use a journal that is only for this type of work. It is important to have a space to work out your thoughts and work on yourself!

Take about 20 minutes and write out everything that you want your life to be. Imagine your dream job, where you want to live, and how you want to spend your days. In a perfect world, what would your life look like?

Who would be in your life? How much time would you spend with your loved ones? What passions would you pursue? What kind of person would you be? How would you act? How would you show up for others?

When you are done writing out your dream life, take a few minutes to imagine what it would feel like to live this life. Close your eyes and feel it in your body. What does it feel like to be the person you want to be?

Now that you know whom you are going to be, it is time to let go of the old you.

Exercise 2– Letting go of the old

Now, flip to a new page in your journal and start writing down all of the beliefs that are keeping you from becoming the person that you want to be. Maybe you don’t think you are good enough for the job that you want. Or, perhaps you don’t believe you have the willpower to build the body you want.

Write them all down. Every last one you can think of. Then, rip the page out of your journal, crumple it up, and hold it in your hand.


Find a quiet place where you are not going to be disturbed. Find some soothing music that lasts 10-20 minutes. Youtube, Spotify, and Insight Timer are all great resources for soothing music. Then, turn your phone on Do Not Disturb and put it aside.

Grab a pillow or two to sit on. This exercise is best done seated, but if that’s too much you can start laying down on your bed and work your way up to a seated position when you get more comfortable in your meditation practice. Sit up straight with your legs crossed.

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes getting in touch with your body. It is easy to rush through the day without ever being aware of how you feel, so take some time to do that now.

Feel the piece of paper in your hand. Feel how heavy those beliefs are weighing on you. How do those beliefs feel in your body?

Now, it is time to release those beliefs. Spend as much time on this as you need. Sit in stillness until you have released every last one of them.

These beliefs are deeply ingrained in your body. It is going to be uncomfortable to feel and release them. Don’t run from that discomfort. Sit in it. Get to know it. And then release it

Feel these beliefs being ripped from your body by the new you that no longer needs them. Stay here until you have shed your old self, and you are ready to step into the new you.

Get rid of that little piece of paper. Throw it in the garbage, burn it, or toss it out your window while driving down the freeway. You no longer need those beliefs.

Now you are ready to start building the life that you have always wanted! Practice this every day for thirty days to truly let go of all those old beliefs. Before you start, read through your journal entry about what your dream life looks like and add anything new you’ve dreamt up.

Make a new list of old beliefs that you are holding onto to release each practice.

I am excited for you to become a beautiful, driving force in your life and this world!

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