Self Care Habits to Start Today

Self Care Habits to Start Today Image With all the chaos and stress we experience in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget how to take care of ourselves.

And we're not talking about your basic shower or getting enough sleep (although those things are important, too). Self-care goes beyond the basic routine that keeps you clean, fed, and safe. It also means carving out time to spend in ways that help you rest and recharge.

Doing things that inspire you can help you enjoy the present moment without anxiety about the past or future. Self-care doesn't require expensive beauty treatments or meals, and it doesn't look the same for each individual.

If you're wondering how to start some essential self-care habits today, here are the top 7 ideas to get you started.

Redirect Negative Thoughts

We all do it: when something disappoints, frustrates, or makes us feel angry, our initial reaction is to fall into negative thinking patterns.

But believe it or not, you have control over your thoughts and can redirect those negative thoughts to something positive.

It may take a bit of practice, but try this method:

  • Catch yourself thinking negative thoughts.
  • Pause and accept those feelings because they are valid.
  • Take a moment to close your eyes and enjoy a few cleansing, deep breaths.
  • Think about the positive aspects of your situation and commit to focusing on them moving forward!

Say No

You might feel a lot of pressure to make everyone happy. But that frequently means you give up your own happiness to take care of others. Sometimes, there are good reasons to put others before yourself, but you need to balance out the give and take.


Practice saying ‘no' when saying ‘yes' is too much. It's not selfish to limit how much you do for other people if your generosity will negatively impact your own well-being.

The trick is to find a healthy balance between the time and resources you give to other people while taking care of your own needs as well.

Respectfully Ask for What You Need

Unfortunately, the people who know you best and care about you the most can't read your mind. And your needs or concerns might seem obvious to you, but they might not be so easy for other people to figure out.

That's because everyone has their own lens through which they see every situation, and in many cases, they need you to communicate pretty specifically about what you want and need.

The result?

Easier interactions, closer relationships with your family, friends, or partner, and way less drama. They can't help or offer you what you want if they don't know what that is, so take a bold step and start trying to respectfully communicate those needs today.

Create a Schedule

Before you skip this section, hear me out: most successful people (whether in a creative field, technology, services, or are athletes and influencers) have a schedule they swear by. Their plan helps them stay focused on their priorities and goals.

The right schedule for you might look different than someone else; it all depends on who you are, what you need, and where you want to go in life.

It could be as simple as setting a specific time to wake up and go to bed or as structured as an hour-by-hour commitment to checking off items in your daily to-do list.

Be Kind to Your Body

Sometimes, even small changes we make to take better care of ourselves can make a huge difference in how we feel.

If you're not sure what you can do, start small with a few changes like these:

  • Go to bed one hour earlier to feel more rested
  • Do a guided meditation instead of screen time to reduce anxiety
  • Opt for fruit instead of sugary snacks for more daytime energy
  • Go for a 10-minute walk on your lunch break to brighten your mood

Plan Your Indulgences

Here's one of my favorite sayings: it's not a party if it happens every day. And honestly, it's true.

Special treats don't feel quite as extraordinary if you make them a frequent habit or indulge as a coping strategy when you feel sad.

Instead of reaching for snacks, shopping, or indulging whenever you've had a hard day, think about how you can take care of your mind and body in a healthy way. Save indulgences for planned occasions like getting good grades on a report card, holidays, and celebrating milestones.

Set Goals and an Action Plan

Most of your heroes and role models will tell you that they achieved success through setting specific goals and creating a plan.

Goals are typically associated with the bigger picture, whether it's a daily goal or a long-term dream.

Your action plan consists of specific ways you plan to achieve your goals, like small tasks, an amount of money you need to save and how you'll earn it, or classes you'll take to learn a skill.

The Takeaway

Taking care of yourself goes far beyond your physical health. While it is essential to live a healthy lifestyle, your overall well-being extends to your mental and spiritual health as well.

By creating healthy boundaries for yourself and in your relationships, you can free up more time and energy to take care of yourself.

Start with these simple self-care habits, and connect with Take2Minutes each day for continued inspiration and activities!

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