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Sample Group Activity Screenshot Only You Can See Group Data
We have privacy settings that ensure only you, as the group creator, can see activities completed by your group members. Your group members cannot see the other group members or their activity logs. When setting up your group, you uncheck the Activity Summary Viewable by All> option to keep the records private.

Make Your Group Private
Settings allow you to keep your group private so that only individuals you authorize or invite can join it. All you have to do is leave the Anyone with Group Code can Join option unchecked.

Reminders Help
Your clients will receive reminders from Take 2 Minutes to begin gratitude journaling, meditating, or grounding exercises!

Next Session Discussion
Before their next appointment, you can log in, check the group page, and see which activities they completed and discuss those activities with them.

We're Here to Help
If there is anything we can do to make our service better, please let us know!