Our Activities in the School Setting

  • Setup a Group
    Use our groups functionality to create a group and invite your employees or peers to the group.
  • General Mood
    We have heard of employers and team leads asking their employees to use our mood check-in each day before work. Allowing them to get a sense of the overall mood of the team.
  • Anonymity
    Some employers have concerns about keeping activities anonymous. Groups can be setup so that no employee info is shown next to the activity summary data. This would allow you to still see that activities are being completed, as well as the general mood of the employees without seeing names.
  • Entire Company
    If you have a larger company, you can setup multiple groups for different functional areas. An employee can even be apart of multiple groups.
  • We're Here to Help
    If there is anything we can do to make our service better, please let us know!

Sample Group Activity Report