How You Can Help Your Loved Ones

Sample Group Activity Screenshot Use Our Groups Feature
Our groups functionality allows you to create a group and invite your child(ren), spouse, or loved ones to share information about your activities and progress.

Encourage the ones you are trying to help! You can use groups to show them you are also regularly participating in activities to encourage them through your actions.

Monitor Usage
Setting up a groups allows you to check in periodically to see if they are completing the exercises. If they are not, you can gently offer encouragement and check-in to see how they feel and why they chose to forgo their exercises.

Privacy Is Important
This one is huge to clearly communicate to your child(ren)! Even though you can see if your loved ones are completing the activities, you cannot see the details of their entries. Meaning they still have the privacy and the freedom to say what they want and need, but you still have insight about exercise completion.

Reminders Help
You can help them set up reminders for many of our activities.

We're Here to Help
If there is anything we can do to make our service better, please let us know!