Here is How You Help

  • Use Our Groups Feature
    First, use our groups functionality to create a group and invite your child(ren), spouse, or loved ones to the group.
  • Encouragement
    Encourage the ones you are trying to help to partake in our Three Good Things activity; an activity proven to help with resilience and positivity. You can also encourage the use of Gratitude Journaling, grounding exercises, and meditations.
  • Monitor Usage
    This is where you can offer support. Since you setup a group, you can check in periodically to see if they are completing the exercises. If they are not, maybe you offer gently encouragement. This is where your support is important.
  • Privacy Is Important
    This one is huge! You can see if your loved ones are completing the activities, but you cannot see the details of their entries. Meaning, your loved ones still have privacy of their data being entered. Let them know this! This give them freedom to say what they want/need but still give you insight that the exercises are being completed.
  • Reminders Help
    You can help them setup reminders for many of our activities. Three Good Things has a reminder each night for 15 nights. Gratitude Journaling and Meditations allow you to setup the reminders whenever you would like.
  • We're Here to Help
    If there is anything we can do to make our service better, please let us know!

Sample Group Activity Report