Our Services For Social Groups

Sample Group Activity Screenshot Social Influencers
Use our groups functionality to create a group. You can setup the group to "Hide Phone #s, Only Show Names". Also, setup the group with "Activity Summary Viewable by All". This will allow you to post your group code, have others join your group, everyone can see each others activities, but also keep group members from seeing how to contact each other! Keep your phone number private.

Include Yourself
One of the group setup options is to "Include Yourself in the Group". For social groups, this allows you to participate in the group activities and for others to see your activities too (as long as you selected "Activity Summary Viewable by All").

Anyone Can Join
Another one of the group setup options is to allow "Anyone with Group Code to Join". For social groups, this allows you to simply publish your group code and anyone can join the group. Whereas with this left unselected, only people who you invite or people you authorize can join the group. Basically, groups can be public or private.

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