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  • Here is a message that was recently liked by a subscriber in Virginia: "Lessons are learned from the safety of continuous improvement, not from a fear of failure."

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 1   This app/service has helped me in many ways. Idk where I'd be. Thank you, from Canada. Take care!

 2   I'm happy to have found you guys! Thank you for the Help...its much needed.

 3   I'm a 20-year healthcare provider, you have been very very helpful and I like that the app doesn't scream out at me; I can choose to look at the text or not it's very comforting. There's a lot of insightful dynamics that might not be obvious to someone suffering from anxiety and who's not self-aware but I really mean it I appreciate it thank you for your message I hope you have a good day.

 4   Thank you for always being the best part of my day!

 5   I have been recently been diagnosed with anxiety, panic disorder and ptsd so Take 2 Minutes has been an amazing thing for me and I am so thankful to you all. The challenge was a great way to break things up and to keep me distracted. Thank you!